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Healing conversations can solve blockages, help to come out of dead ends and are guided by all the senses.
These conversations are tender, touching, profound and full of love and can heal old and new wounds in a miraculous way.


EET:Enneagram Expert Training™
Training to become Enneagram Practitioner and Enneagramm-Teacher


CET: Training to become Business Coach EN®

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Prinzipal Coaching

Personal coaching of CEOs and executives

People on this professional level report of loneliness, hardly anyone with whom they can talk really honest, especially when it comes to your own inner life, doubts or fears.

We offer:

  • Give honest feedback
  • Contradict intervention
  • Active listening and support
  • Personalized 24/7

Ethics in business

In many companies ethics training are offered, there are ethic hotlines, but what is the realty? An ethical training for managers and employees helps only if the company allows an ethical action and actively promotes.

We offer:

  • Reflection of leadership behavior
  • Reflection of the problem-solving behavior
  • Conflict Resolution Management
  • feedback behavior in the appraisal interview

Awareness Training

More and more companies recognize that a limit to the capacity of the staff has been reached. Companies now offer increasingly mindfulness programs for the employees which helps to reduce stress, listening to himself, to put personal goals and so increase their satisfaction. This may have the consequence that you change job and to do what one really satisfied.

We offer:

  • Learning simple breathing technique
  • Attention exercises
  • Meditation
  • Visualize your own desires and goals
  • Integrate what is meaningful in daily life

Manager under pressure, how high is the risk of committing suicide on that level

What is going on when in a person before he decides to put an end to his life, as is probably the last minutes before the “voluntary” death? What goes well in a CEO or Executive Board prior to the voluntary death sees the only way?

We offer:

  • We can actively listen
  • We reflect with them and do not give an advice
  • We help in a constructive manner to find a way out of the dead end road
  • There is always more than one way to solve a problem


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